Rebranding & Over labelling

A cost effective way to produce promotional merchandise is to rebrand existing products. A recent project Castle Promotions did was for a client in Ontario Canada, we worked along with their specification to design, print and fit rebranding stickers to some stain removal pens.

With our Digital printing and Screen printing capabilities, we are able to print onto most materials. Utilising a unique block out vinyl, it is an ideal way for concealing existing print or graphics. Rebranding can be carried by over labelling many products. Great for smaller runs where production of custom branded items may incur large setup costs.

Rebranding lets companies change marketing strategies with a new name, logo or design, with the intention of developing a new differentiated identity. Some great hints and tips for Rebranding…

  • Refocus through research
  • Find Inspiration in customers
  • Look to the past to find your future
  • Commit to what you stand for
  • See the brand as a full experience

Castle Promotions would love to be a part of your re-branding future and look forward to hearing from you.

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