Paint Protection Film

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Castle Promotions’ paint protection films can keep your vehicle’s paint in great condition. When applied to the most vulnerable portions of your car, they provide undetectable yet important protection against stone chips, chemical stains, vandalism, bug splatters and minor abrasions by forming an invisible screen.

Ideal for protection on cars, motorcycles, caravans, motorhomes, bicycles and boats, the film can be used to protect any smooth, clean, dry area.

Castle Promotions film is manufactured in Germany and is a genuine Stone Guard protection film. The film comes with a FIVE year life.

Castle Promotions paint and door protection film products are all pre-packaged and ready to sell in your shop or online business.

If you are looking to stock our products please get in contact. At Castle Promotions, we provide a huge selection of car stickers and promotional materials such as L Plates, Viper Stripes, and Styling Stripes. We’d love to hear from you to discuss your needs.